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A Browser detector. Because sometimes, there is no other way, and not even good modern browsers always provide good feature detection mechanisms.

So... it works like this:

if (bowser.msie && bowser.version <= 6) {
  alert('Hello China');

Detected Browsers

  • msie
  • safari[webkit]
  • chrome[webkit]
  • firefox[gecko]
  • opera


Safari, Chrome, and Firefox will report that they have webkit|gecko engines

if (bowser.webkit) {
  // do stuff with safari & chrome 

Ender installation

If you don't already have Ender (an npm package) install it now (and don't look back)

$ npm install ender

then add bowser to your module collection

$ ender add bowser

use it like this:

if ($ {
  alert('Hello Silicon Valley');

Graded Browser Support

One useful feature of Bowser is that aside from checking one browser from another -- it will keep up to date with Yahoo's Graded Browser Support chart, giving you access to each grade on the bowser object

if (bowser.a) {
  // support full feature set 
else if (bowser.c) {
  // serve degraded version 
else {
  // unsupported (bowser.x)