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    Bowser Mini

    This is an exact copy of Bowser, except smaller, and only returns something a logger can parse in a much smaller space. Use the below mapper object to translate the short string.

    This package is ideal if you're storing log or analytic data.

    String format

    The string returned is 3 variables, separated by commas.

    Variable 1: The Browser/OS/Platform/Engine types.

    • Byte 1: Browser
    • Byte 2: OS
    • Byte 3: Platform
    • Byte 4: Engine

    Variable 2: The Browser version.

    Variable 3: The OS version.

    The Mapper Object...

    cons mapper = {
      browser: { // Byte 1
        'A': 'Android Browser',
        'a': 'Amazon Silk',
        'b': 'Bada',
        'B': 'BlackBerry',
        'C': 'Chrome',
        'c': 'Chromium',
        'E': 'Electron',
        'e': 'Epiphany',
        'F': 'Firefox',
        'f': 'Focus',
        'g': 'Generic',
        'G': 'Googlebot',
        'S": 'Google Search',
        'X': 'Internet Explorer',
        'K': 'K-Meleon',
        'm': 'Maxthon',
        'x': 'Microsoft Edge',
        'z': 'MZ Browser',
        'n': 'NAVER Whale Browser',
        'O': 'Opera',
        'o': 'Opera Coast',
        'P': 'PhantomJS',
        'L': 'Playstation 4',
        'p': 'Puffin',
        'u': 'QupZilla',
        'Q': 'QQ Browser',
        'q': 'QQ Browser Lite',
        'S': 'Safari',
        '1': 'Sailfish',
        '2': 'Samsung Internet for Android',
        '3': 'SeaMonkey',
        '4': 'Sleipnir',
        '5': 'Swing',
        '6': 'Tizen',
        '7': 'UC Browser',
        '8': 'Vivaldi',
        '9': 'SlimerJS',
        'W': 'WebOS Browser',
        'w': 'WeChat',
        'Y': 'Yandex Browser',
        '?': 'Unknown'
      os: { // Byte 2
        'W': 'Windows',
        'w': 'Windows Phone',
        'M': 'macOS',
        'i': 'iOS',
        'A': 'Android',
        'W': 'WebOS',
        'B': 'BlackBerry',
        'b': 'Bada',
        'T': 'Tizen',
        'L': 'Linux',
        'C': 'Chrome OS',
        'P': 'PlayStation 4',
        'R': 'Roku'
      platforms: { // Byte 3
        'T': 'tablet',
        'M': 'mobile',
        'D': 'desktop',
        'V': 'tv'
      engines: { // Byte 4
        'E': 'EdgeHTML',
        'B': 'Blink',
        'T': 'Trident',
        'P': 'Presto',
        'G': 'Gecko',
        'W': 'WebKit'


    A small, fast and rich-API browser/platform/engine detector for both browser and node.

    • Small. Use plain ES5-version which is ~4.8kB gzipped.
    • Optimized. Use only those parsers you need — it doesn't do useless work.
    • Multi-platform. It's browser- and node-ready, so you can use it in any environment.

    Don't hesitate to support the project on Github or OpenCollective if you like it ❤️ Also, contributors are always welcome!

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    The library is made to help to detect what browser your user has and gives you a convenient API to filter the users somehow depending on their browsers.

    ⚠️ Version 2.0 breaking changes ⚠️

    Version 2.0 has drastically changed the API. All available methods are on the docs page.

    For legacy code, check out the 1.x branch and install it through npm install bowser@1.9.4.

    Use cases

    First of all, require the library. This is a UMD Module, so it will work for AMD, TypeScript, ES6, and CommonJS module systems.

    const Bowser = require("bowser"); // CommonJS
    import * as Bowser from "bowser"; // TypeScript
    import Bowser from "bowser"; // ES6 (and TypeScript with --esModuleInterop enabled)

    By default, the exported version is the ES5 transpiled version, which do not include any polyfills.

    In case you don't use your own babel-polyfill you may need to have pre-built bundle with all needed polyfills. So, for you it's suitable to require bowser like this: require('bowser/bundled'). As the result, you get a ES5 version of bowser with babel-polyfill bundled together.

    You may need to use the source files, so they will be available in the package as well.

    Browser props detection

    // outputs
    "CWDB,79.0.3945.88,NT 10.0"


    npm i bowser-mini

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