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Bowser-engine is a game engine based on an exciting open source technology called WebGL. More precisely it's based on three.js, a library that takes out a lot of WebGL's boilerplate allowing us to focus on the gaming part. More broad information can be found on our website.

Bowser-engine is a node package currently meant to be browserified and served client side. It's a collection of objects using prototypal inheritance. To have a good overview of the API please refere to this article.


We are very kean to have people contributing to the project, whether it is by pointing at issues, sharing ideas, issuing pull requests or ultimatly becoming official members. That being said, good collaboration does not go well without clear guidelines and organisation. This is why we will take advantage of this readme to outline some of that stuff.

  • Indentation is made out of four spaces.
  • Code is formated matching JSLint standards.
  • In line documentation follows JSDoc markup.
  • Comments are one liners starting with a capital and ending with a dot.
  • Git commits are one liners starting with a capital and ending without ponctuation.
  • A base class becomes folder. Sub-classes live in that folder.
  • We host a single class per source file.
  • Source files export the class itself.
  • When a package is required it is declared uppercase.

It goes without saying that all guidelines are up for discussions. If something can be done in a way that is substantialy better, there is no reason to keep doing it.