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    Twitter Bootstrap LESS sources, based on bower-bootstrap-less by jozefizso

    Strapless is my clever name for packaging Twitter Bootstrap's less source files, in a way which is very simple for applications to import, without having to fuss with subdirectories inside of a git repository or anything.

    It should be nice for simplifying the process of customizing Bootstrap, and keeping up to date with the various releases (The intention is to update this bower release each time a new semver-ish tag is pushed to

    These files are distributed under the same Apache 2.0 license terms as the official Bootstrap repository (details below)

    These are just stylesheet source files, no testing is happening here, and I have to assume that the releases are well tested by the twbs contributors before release. I accept no responsibility for any lost or damaged property which may result from the use of this beautiful framework, and am not able to reimburse in any way. Files in this repository are completely unchanged from their source in twbs/bootstrap


    #Install the bower package 
    bower install strapless --save
    #Some people have said that they want to use npm for everything, and so this package is 
    #also available on npm with the following package name 
    npm install bower-strapless --save-dev

    Authors (from twbs/bootstrap)

    Mark Otto

    Jacob Thornton

    Copyright and License (from twbs/bootstrap)

    Copyright 2011-2014 Twitter, Inc. Code released under the MIT license.


    npm i bower-strapless

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