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Detect the path where bower components should be saved


A Node module to detect the path where bower components should be saved

var bowerDirectory = require('bower-directory');
bowerDirectory(function(err, result) {
  if (err) {
    throw err;
  console.log('Bower directory: ' + result);
  // yields: "Bower directory: /path/to/your/project/bower_components" 

Use npm.

npm install --save bower-directory
var bowerDirectory = require('bower-directory');

Type: Object
Default: {}

Type: String (relative or absolute file path)
Default: current directory

This function searches this path for .bowerrc.

null (by default), or a syntax error if .bowerrc exists but isn't a valid JSON.

The absolute path where bower components should be saved. It depends on the cwd property and directory property of .bowerrc. If this function cannot find .bowerrc, it uses the default value ({"directory": "bower_components"}).

// /path/to/your/project/foo/.bowerrc: {"cwd": "bar", "directory": "baz"} 
bowerDirectory({cwd: 'foo'}, function(err, dir) {
  if (err) {
    throw err;
  // yields: "/path/to/your/project/foo/bar/baz" 

Return: String (absolute file path)

Synchronous version of bowerDirectory().

You can use this module as a CLI tool by installing it globally.

npm install -g bower-direcory
> /path/to/current/directory/bower_components
bower-directory --help
> bower-directory:
>   Detect the path where bower components should be saved
bower-directory --version
> 0.1.0

Copyright (c) 2014 Shinnosuke Watanabe

Licensed under the MIT License.