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The Bower config (.bowerrc) reader and writer.

The config spec can be read here.


$ npm install --save bower-config



Loads the bower configuration from the configuration files.

Configuration is overwritten (after camelcase normalisation) with overwrites argument.

This method overwrites following environment variables:

  • HTTP_PROXY with proxy configuration variable
  • HTTPS_PROXY with https-proxy configuration variable
  • NO_PROXY with no-proxy configuration variable

It also clears http_proxy, https_proxy, and no_proxy environment variables.

To restore those variables you can use restore method.


Restores environment variables overwritten by .load method.


Returns a deep copy of the underlying configuration object. The returned configuration is normalised. The object keys will be camelCase.


Obtains a instance where cwd is the current working directory (defaults to process.cwd);

var config = require('bower-config').create();
// You can also specify a working directory 
var config2 = require('bower-config').create('./some/path');

#read(cwd, overrides)

Alias for:

var configObject = (new Config(cwd)).load(overrides).toJson();


Released under the MIT License.