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    A custom Bower resolver dedicated to allow integration of Bower with Artifactory


    npm install -g bower-art-resolver

    In order to use Bower with Artifactory you need 2 components (npm packages):

    1. bower-art-resolver - A custom, pluggable Bower resolver which is dedicated to allow integratione of Bower with Artifactory.
    2. bower - Bower version 1.5.0 and above.

    Client Configuration

    Edit your ~/.bowerrc and add:

    1. The bower-art-resolver.
    2. The Artifactory URL as the first search URL.
        "registry": {
          "register": "https://bower.herokuapp.com",
          "search": [
        "resolvers": [

    For authenticated access, please add the user and password to Artifactory URL as follows:


    You can also use an encrypted Artifactory password.

    Artifactory Configuration

    Bower remote repository

    1. Create a new remote repository and set its Package Type to be “Bower”. You might call it “bower-remote”
    2. Set the Repository Key value, and enter the SCM URL e.g. https://github.com, https://bitbucket.org, http://remote.org/artifactory/api/vcs/vcs-repo, or enter your own custom VCS.
    3. In the Bower Settings section, select GitHub as the Git Provider, and leave the default Registry URL (https://bower.herokuapp.com).
    4. Finally, click "Save & Finish"

    Bower local/virtual repository

    1. Create a new local/virtual repository and enter a repository key. For example, "bower-local" or "bower-virtual".
    2. Packages -> Check "Enable Bower Support" and enter your bower registry url (by default https://bower.herokuapp.com)
    3. Save


    Use the client to install packages from Artifactory, For example, bower install bootstrap

    For more information, please refer to the Artifactory User Guide


    npm i bower-art-resolver

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