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Bouquet Javascript library

Universal Javascript library to use Bouquet API.
Exports in a UMD format it works either in the browser or node.js


Using the bouquet.js in an html page

<script src='../dist/bouquet.min.js'></script>
   var bouquet = new Bouquet({
       url : 'your-bouquet-url',
       clientId : 'your-bouquet-client-id',
       apiKey : 'your-api-key'
   .then(function(response) {
       // do
   .catch(function(error) {
       // error occurred


Read the full tutorial
See the examples directory directory for some sample code


  • npm run build - produces production (minified) version the dist folder
  • npm run dev - produces development version and runs a watcher
  • npm run test - runs the tests
  • npm run test:watch - runs the tests in a watch mode