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[WIP] This project is a work in progress and is not recommended for production use

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Bottlerockets is an efficient BDD command framework written in Node.js and streams task results with Mocha and Chai. Bottlerockets can be used as a CLI tool or a task queue server to stream human readable statuses of tasks and their JSON results.

Use Cases

  • Run commands with expensive setup/teardown operations
  • Run a persistent task queue server with mocha-filled results
  • CLI interface for your project commands
  • Run commands in a REPL environment
  • Easily scale your bottlerockets


npm install -g bottlerockets

Getting Started

Initialize .rockets.js in the root of your project directory:

bottlerockets init

This will create a .rockets.js file with an example:

  .description('This says hello to the enemy')
    firstName: {
      type: String,
      required: true,
      default: 'Sam'
    lastName: {
      type: String,
      required: true,
      default: 'Hunter'
    intruder: {
      type: Boolean,
      default: false
  .action(function (task, args) {
    describe('first name', function () {
      it('is "John"', function () {
        expect(args.firstName)'John') = args.firstName
    describe('last name', function () {
      it('is not "Doe"', function () {
        expect(args.lastName)'Doe') += ' ' + args.lastName
    describe('is intruder', function () {
      it('should NOT be an intruder', function () {

Then run the test bottlerocket command by running:

bottlerocket welcome --first-name John --last-name Henrick --intruder


$ bottlerocket --help
  Usage: bottlerocket [options] <command> [args]
    welcome                 This says hello to the enemy
    help <cmd>              output help for command
    -h, --help              output usage information
    -V, --version           output the version number
    -r, --require <file>    require js files
    -R, --reporter [value]  mocha reporter (default: "spec")
    -V, --verbose <n>       set logging verbosity


Create a queue with the Bottlerockets launcher:

import Bottlerockets from 'bottlerockets'
import http from 'http'
const rockets = new Bottlerockets({
  // Allow up to 5 tasks per single bottlerocket process 
  maxTasks: 10,
  // Launch up to 10 bottlerocket processes per instance 
  // With maxTasks set to 10, this allows up to 80 tasks 
  // to run simultaneously 
  maxInstances: 8,
  // Shut down bottlerocket processes that have not been 
  // used for 15 minutes 
  sleep: 15,
// Launch 100 rockets at once 
setInterval(function () {
  for (let i = 0; i < 100; i++) {
    rockets.launch('welcome', {
      firstName: 'John',
      lastName: 'Henrick',
      intruder: false,
    }).success(result => {
      console.log('result', result)
    }).catch(err => {
      console.error('error', err)
}, 1000)

Documentation & Community


MIT License. See file for details.


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