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Analytics for Botpress provides an interface to view graphs and data of your chatbot typical usage. By using this module, you can have a look to your total users, retention, daily active users, busy hours and a lot more...

**Support connectors: ** botpress-messenger

Note: All graphic captures have been taken on an empty bot then it's not looking pretty well... Pull requests would be appreciate to show full potential of this module on a real chatbot.

Get started

botpress install analytics

The analytics module should now be available in your bot UI, you can access all graphs and data directly in the UI.


Total number of users

You can see graphically your total number of users per platform and compare results to know exactly where to focus your attention.

Gender usage in last week

Analytics module offers a view of your gender usage which can be useful to increase engagement of women or men.

Active users in last 2 weeks

You can visually see your active users for the last 2 weeks which can indicate you progression and active days.

Average incoming interactions

This graphic helps to quickly view what is the average of incoming interactions your users typically have in a day with your bots.


These specific metrics might be useful to see average usage of your bots.

Retention for last 7 days

You can see exactly see your retention by days in this table.

Busy hours for last 7 days

Analytics module also offer a view of busy hours of your bot which can help you to track exactly when it's the time to send them messages.


Pull requests are welcomed! We believe that it takes all of us to create something big and impactful.

There's a Slack community where you are welcome to join us, ask any question and even help others.

Get an invite and join us now! 👉


botpress-analytics is licensed under AGPL-3.0


npm i botpress-analytics

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