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npm install botjs


botjs is a Simple module for writing irc bots in NodeJs.

botjs uses a plugin based system for interacting with the Irc connection.

Each plugin defined in the bots plugins array must be an Object which contains a property called matcher and a method called callback which will be evaluated when theres a match on the matcher property.

Matcher is a String containing a Regexp to be matched over the current line read in from the Irc Connection.

A plugins callback method should contain two parameters. The first being the instance of the bot itself. The second is an Object containing information about the current line being matched against.

Example Plugins


sayHey = {}
sayHey.matcher = "!hey"
sayHey.callback = (bot, irc) ->
  bot.msg irc.chan, "well hey there #{irc.user}"

exports.sayHey = sayHey


var sayHey = {};
sayHey.matcher = '!hey';
sayHey.callback = function(bot, irc) {
  bot.msg(irc.chan, "well hey there " + irc.user);

exports.sayHey = sayHey;