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    Wrapper for Microsoft QnA Maker for Microsoft Bot Framework

    Short sample

    const QnA = require('botbuilder-qna-maker');
    // Send request to QnA maker, get an answer
    const serviceGuid = '<INSERT SERVICE ID>';
    const subscriptionKey = '<INSERT SUBSCRIPTION KEY>';
    const qna = new QnA(serviceGuid, subscriptionKey);
    const answer = await qna.answer('hi!');

    What's it for?

    This package provides a shortcut to call the Microsoft QnA Maker service and get a response. It works with bots written in Node.js using Microsoft Bot Framework (see the botbuilder package), but actually can be used in any code, not just in a bot.

    Methods and Static Members

    The constructor takes two required and one optional parameter:

    const qna = new QnA(serviceGuid, subscriptionKey, host);

    You can get all of them from the Settings page at

    As for the host, by default we're using the West US server ( but you can change it if the service becomes available in another region.


    • async answer(question) - retrieves an answer and returns it as string, without any metadata.
    • async getRawAnswer(question) - retrieves an answer together with some metadata like the original question and the confidence score. Returns an object.

    Static Members: QnA.FAILED_ANSWER = 'No good match found in the KB';

    This is the answer returned by QnA maker when there is no suitable answer found. You can use it to output your own message:

    if (answer === QnA.FAILED_ANSWER) {
      console.log('Oops, no answer found.');
    } else { 

    Comments and suggestions

    If you have any comments, contact me here:


    npm i botbuilder-qna-maker

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