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    This package has been deprecated

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    Please use Microsoft's botframework-config instead. This package was a temporary solution for bot file usage when no package yet existed. The cryptography has since changed.

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    BotBuilder Configuration Parser (Node.JS)

    Configuration helper for consuming and decrypting Microsoft Bot Framework bot files.

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    To install:

    npm install botbuilder-config --save



    To import the module:

    let { BotConfig } = require("botbuilder-config");

    To instantiate the configuration:

    let c = new BotConfig({ botFilePath: "PATH_TO_BOT_FILE", secret: "SECRET" });


    To import the module:

    import { BotConfig } from "botbuilder-config";

    To instantiate the configuration:

    let c = new BotConfig({ botFilePath: "PATH_TO_BOT_FILE", secret: "SECRET" });

    Both the bot file path and the secret are optional properties of a BotConfigurationOptions parameter. If the bot file is not specified, it will look in the current working directory of the bot. If the secret is not specified, it will assume that the bot file does not have any encrypted properties.


    To access a bot service:

    let qna = c.QnAMaker(); //returns an object with all the properties of the QnA maker service in the bot file.
    qna.endpoint; //Access the "endpoint" property of the QnA Maker service.

    Given the above instantiation (where c is the BotConfig object), you can access each service by calling the method that matches the service:

    • c.Endpoint()
    • c.AzureBotService()
    • c.QnAMaker()
    • c.LUIS()
    • c.Dispatch()

    What if I have more than one of the same service? You can specify an optional name parameter to the service method such as c.QnAMaker("MY_SERVICE_NAME") that matches the name property of the service in your bot file. If not, it will return the first service of that type that it finds.


    You could load and access the bot file by simply loading the bot file as JSON into your application. The advantage of this library is that it will decrypt your properties, if you have encrypted them with a secret.

    let c = new BotConfig({ botFilePath: "PATH_TO_BOT_FILE", secret: "SECRET" });
    let s = c.decrypt(c.QnAMaker().subscriptionKey)
    console.log(s); //"s" will be decrypted;

    You can also decrypt everything ahead of time.

    let c = new BotConfig({ botFilePath: "PATH_TO_BOT_FILE", secret: "SECRET" });
    let s = c.QnAMaker().subscriptionKey
    console.log(s); //"s" will be decrypted;


    npm i botbuilder-config

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