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    BotAuth Build Status

    botauth is still pre-release and under active development. Please evaluate and provide feedback.

    botauth is authentication middleware for bots built using the botframework and nodejs. botauth is leverages passportjs authentication strategies to help bot developers connect to 3rd party oauth providers. You can use botauth to connect your bot's users to their Facebook, Dropbox, or any other API protected by OAuth 2.0.


    botauth is available as an npm package

    npm install --save botauth

    Getting Started

    Create a BotAuthenticator object to configure authentication for your bot.

    const botauth = require("botauth");
    const DropboxOAuth2Strategy = require("passport-dropbox-oauth2").Strategy;
    // Initialize with the strategies we want to use
    var auth = new botauth.BotAuthenticator(server, bot, {
        secret : "something secret",
        baseUrl : "https://" + WEBSITE_HOSTNAME }
    // Configure the Dropbox authentication provider using the passport-dropbox strategy
        function(options) {
            return new DropboxOAuth2Strategy(
         clientID : DROPBOX_APP_ID,
         clientSecret : DROPBOX_APP_SECRET,
                        callbackURL : options.callbackURL
                function(accessToken, refreshToken, profile, done) {
                    profile.accessToken = accessToken;
                    profile.refreshToken = refreshToken;
                    done(null, profile);

    Authenticated Dialog

    Use the authenticate method to make sure that the user has authenticated with a OAuth provider before continuing the dialog waterfall steps. botauth puts the user profile from the passport strategy in session.userData.botauth. authenticate returns an array of dialog steps which can be combined with your own dialog steps. Anything after authenticate will only be reached if the user successfully authenticates.

    bot.dialog('/dropbox', [].concat(
        auth.authenticate("dropbox"), //use authenticate as a waterfall step
        function(session, results) {
            // this waterfall step will only be reached if authentication succeeded
            var user = auth.profile(session, "dropbox");
            session.endDialog("Welcome " + user.displayName);


    More sample code is available at

    About this project

    This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments.


    npm i botauth

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