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HTTP server to process JS and CSS files with borschik on demand.

This server is for development use only.

Default behavour

  1. If file exists, response as is
  2. Process files with _ prefix only (can be redefined in path-resolver)
  3. Minimize is disabled
  4. Freeze is disabled

Some examples:

  1. Your request is file.js exists, borschik-server reads this file and writes to output as is.
  2. Your request is file.js doesn't exist, borschik-server removes _ prefix, reads file file.js and processes it with borschik.


npm install -g borschik-server 


Just run borschik-server and setup your webserver. If you want to use borschik-server as init.d script, follow this template for Ubuntu

Webserver configuration

You should setup your webserver (apache, lighttpd, nginx, etc.) to proxy http requests for static files to borschik-server.

Example of nginx configuration:

location ~* "\.(css|js)$" {
    # proxy all requests for css/js to borschik-server
    # use $uri (not $request_uri) to deal with rewrite

How to extend with new technologies

You can create you own server with this code

    port: 8055,
    techResolver: require('../lib/tech-resolver')

This code references to your own tech-resolver. You can find example in unit tests. In this example we add support for new ".styl" tech.

You can redefine pathResolver as well. Example. In this example we define built files as file.min.js.