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Tags for Bootstrap 4/5

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An ES6 native replacement for select using standards Bootstrap 5 (and 4) styles.

(almost) No additional CSS needed! Supports creation of new tags.

import Tags from "./tags.js";
// Tags.init(selector, opts);
// You can pass global settings in opts that will apply
// to all Tags instances

By default, only provided options are available. Validation error will be displayed in case of invalid tag.

<label for="tags-input" class="form-label">Tags</label>
<select class="form-select" id="tags-input" name="tags[]" multiple>
  <option disabled hidden value="">Choose a tag...</option>
  <option value="1" selected="selected">Apple</option>
  <option value="2">Banana</option>
  <option value="3">Orange</option>
<div class="invalid-feedback">Please select a valid tag.</div>

Creation of new tags

Use attribute data-allow-new to allow creation of new tags. Their default value will be equal to the text. Since you can enter arbitrary text, no validation will occur.

<select class="form-select" id="tags-input" name="tags[]" multiple data-allow-new="true"></select>

You can force these new tags to respect a given regex.

NOTE: don't forget the [] if you need multiple values!

Server side support

You can also use options provided by the server. This script expects a json response that is an array or an object with the data key containing an array.

Simply set data-server where your endpoint is located. It should provide an array of value/label objects. The suggestions will be populated upon init except if data-live-server is set, in which case, it will be populated on type. A ?query= parameter is passed along with the current value of the searchInput.

You can preselect values either by using data-selected or by marking the suggestion as selected in the json result.

<label for="validationTagsJson" class="form-label">Tags (server side)</label>
  <option disabled hidden value="">Choose a tag...</option>

You can pass additionnal parameters with data-server-params and choose the method with data-server-method (GET or POST).

Setting data programmatically

You can use the items config key to pass options. These will be added to the select object. Items can be an array of Suggestions, or a key:value object.

You can also call setData manually.


Options can be either passed to the constructor (eg: optionName) or in data-option-name format. You can also use the data-config attribute with a json encoded string.

Name Type Description
items Array.<(Suggestion|SuggestionGroup)> Source items
allowNew Boolean Allows creation of new tags
showAllSuggestions Boolean Show all suggestions even if they don't match. Disables validation.
badgeStyle String Color of the badge (color can be configured per option as well)
allowClear Boolean Show a clear icon
clearEnd Boolean Place clear icon at the end
selected Array A list of initially selected values
regex String Regex for new tags
separator Array | String A list (pipe separated) of characters that should act as separator (default is using enter key)
max Number Limit to a maximum of tags (0 = no limit)
placeholder String Provides a placeholder if none are provided as the first empty option
clearLabel String Text as clear tooltip
searchLabel String Default placeholder
showDropIcon Boolean Show dropdown icon
keepOpen Boolean Keep suggestions open after selection, clear on focus out
allowSame Boolean Allow same tags used multiple times
baseClass String Customize the class applied to badges
addOnBlur Boolean Add new tags on blur (only if allowNew is enabled)
showDisabled Boolean Show disabled tags
hideNativeValidation Boolean Hide native validation tooltips
suggestionsThreshold Number Number of chars required to show suggestions
maximumItems Number Maximum number of items to display
autoselectFirst Boolean Always select the first item
updateOnSelect Boolean Update input value on selection (doesn't play nice with autoselectFirst)
highlightTyped Boolean Highlight matched part of the suggestion
highlightClass String Class applied to the mark element
fullWidth Boolean Match the width on the input field
fixed Boolean Use fixed positioning (solve overflow issues)
fuzzy Boolean Fuzzy search
startsWith Boolean Must start with the string. Defaults to false (it matches any position).
singleBadge Boolean Show badge for single elements
activeClasses Array By default: ["bg-primary", "text-white"]
labelField String Key for the label
valueField String Key for the value
searchFields Array Key for the search
queryParam String Name of the param passed to endpoint (query by default)
server String Endpoint for data provider
serverMethod String HTTP request method for data provider, default is GET
serverParams String | Object Parameters to pass along to the server. You can specify a "related" key with the id of a related field.
serverDataKey String By default: data
fetchOptions Object Any other fetch options (
liveServer Boolean Should the endpoint be called each time on input
noCache Boolean Prevent caching by appending a timestamp
allowHtml Boolean Allow html in input (can lead to script injection)
inputFilter function Function to filter input
sanitizer function Alternative function to sanitize content
debounceTime Number Debounce time for live server
notFoundMessage String Display a no suggestions found message. Leave empty to disable
onRenderItem RenderCallback Callback function that returns the suggestion
onSelectItem ItemCallback Callback function to call on selection
onClearItem ValueCallback Callback function to call on clear
onCreateItem CreateCallback Callback function when an item is created
onBlur EventCallback Callback function on blur
onFocus EventCallback Callback function on focus
onCanAdd AddCallback Callback function to validate item. Return false to show validation message.
onServerResponse ServerCallback Callback function to process server response. Must return a Promise
confirmClear ModalItemCallback Allow modal confirmation of clear. Must return a Promise
confirmAdd ModalItemCallback Allow modal confirmation of add. Must return a Promise

Any of these config option can be changed later with setConfig.

To know more about these features, check the demo!


EventCallback ⇒ void

Param Type
event Event
inst Tags

ServerCallback ⇒ Promise

Param Type
response Response

ModalItemCallback ⇒ Promise

Param Type
label String
inst Tags

RenderCallback ⇒ String

Param Type
item Suggestion
label String
inst Tags

ItemCallback ⇒ void

Param Type
item Suggestion
inst Tags

ValueCallback ⇒ void

Param Type
value String
inst Tags

AddCallback ⇒ void | Boolean

Param Type
value String
data Object
inst Tags

CreateCallback ⇒ void

Param Type
option HTMLOptionElement
inst Tags


  • You can also use it on single selects! :-)
  • Use arrow down to show dropdown
  • If you have a really long list of options, a scrollbar will be used
  • Access Tags instance on a given element with Tags.getInstance(mySelect)


While styling is not mandatory, some pseudo styles may help align your styles with a regular bootstrap form-control We basically replicate input state as pseudo classes on the form-control container

  • Support focus styles by implementing a pseudo class form-control-focus
  • Support improved floating labels by implementing a pseudo class form-placeholder-shown
  • Support disabled styles by implementing a pseudo class form-control-disabled

These styles can be found in _tags.scss

You can also use the tags-pure.scss file which provide you a css vars only version of the required styles (works well with bootstrap 5.3)

Without Bootstrap 5

Bootstrap 4 support

Even if it was not the initial idea to support Bootstrap 4, this component is now compatible with Bootstrap 4 because it only requires minimal changes.

Check out demo-bs4.html

Standalone usage

Obviously, this package works great with the full bootstrap library, but you can also use it without Bootstrap or with a trimmed down version of it

Actually, this library doesn't even use the js library to position the dropdown menu, so its only dependencies is on css classes. You can check out the .scss file to see how to reduce bootstrap 5 css to a smaller size.

Check out demo-standalone.html


How does it look ?


Do you need to init this automagically ?

You can now use this as a custom element as part of my Formidable Elements collection.

Or you can use Modular Behaviour (see demo)

Browser supports

Modern browsers (edge, chrome, firefox, safari... not IE11). Add a warning if necessary.

Also check out

How to contribute

If you want to make a PR, please make your changes in tags.js and do not commit any build files They will be updated upon release of a new version.

If you want to test your changes, simply run npm start and test in demo.html (feel free to add new test cases).

For scss updates, apply changes to scss files. They need to be compiled manually since they are not meant to be used by themselves.

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