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Magnolia Light Module Content Bootstrap Utility - a simple content app that helps bootstrap content in light modules.

[Content bootstrap tool]


[A simple app that helps content boostrap via the tasks app. During magnolia light development or while inducting a light module, you might want to bootstrap content associated with the module manually. While, Jcr-tools app is the most appropriate for the job, if you wish content import be done in a (manual) workflow, then Bootstrap-tool is better suited for content import.

Bootstrap-tool app simply creates a content-import task taking the absolute filesystem path of the content file to be imported along with the workspace where the content is destained.

You can open the Tasks app, assign the content import task to the appropriate role/user. And effect the actual content import.

Note: Unlike Maven module, light module content bootstrap is non-obvious. Bootstrapping via human task is a (less annoying) option.

The bootstrap tool is also an example of creating Tasks using content App. The tool simply creates entries in the Tasks workspace in the format undershtood by the Tasks app. Thus there is no need for doing workflow with BPM module. ( The Magnolia documentation mentions this in passing - here is concrete instance of using Workflow without using the BPM module.)



[Install the bootstrap-tool-magnolia module from cli: mgnl install bootstrap-tool-magnolia

This installs a content Bootstrap-tool App. The Bootstrap-tool takes a file (Absolute) path and a repository name and creates a Content Import Manual Task. Open the Tasks App and complete the Import.

Hint: Open the Bootstrap-tool app, enter the absolute file system path of content file to be bootstrapped.


Information on Magnolia CMS

This directory is a Magnolia 'light module'.

Search the docs for sharing light modules for details on how to share and use light modules on npm and github.

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