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Use e.g. the less-watch-compiler as it is quite easy to use.


Easy setup for adding own rules to bootstrap using lessc. Includes http-server and watch system to check if less files changes - and on a change auto-compile styles.css


You will need to install the lessc compiler using:

npm install -g less


Install the bootstrap-easy-less-setup package:

git clone
cd bootstrap-easy-less-setup
npm install

Now you have bootstrap, a http-server, and a system to watch file changes to less files.

Setup, Run, and Watch

Run a setup command, which creates a public directory, where your less files and compilled CSS will go. You will get the file styles.less as a starting point, which includes bootstrap

npm run setup

Now you can serve the files in the public dir by doing a

npm run serve

You can now browse to localhost:8080

Create another terminal window, and run:

npm run watch

Now styles.css and will be compiled when you edit your styles.less file.

Source mappings

You can use source mappings so that it is possible to edit the less files in chrome, and then they will recompile:

Open chrome dev tools, and press settings and then workspaces.

Browse and add the bootstrap-easy-less-setup/public folder.

Chrome will ask you for permissions. Press accept in the toolbar.

Add mappings:

Url Prefix: http://localhost:8080/
Folder path (change to your own path): /home/dennis/bootstrap-easy-less-setup/public

Now go to sources -> sources. You can now open the styles.less file and edit it. When you save it, the CSS file styles.css will be auto-compiled.

The top button is a custom button style called my-btn. It is at the top of the less file.

License MIT


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