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    Bootstrap Email for NodeJS

    Bootstrap Email for NodeJS

    If you know Bootstrap, you know Bootstrap Email.


    Based on the original Bootstrap Email by stuyam, this library allows you to compile a regular HTML markdown with usual Bootstrap classes into cringy table-based email-layouts ... with JAVASCRIPT 🎉🎊.

    Table of contents

    Supported Bootstrap Classes

    {color} in these examples is primary, secondary, success, warning, danger, light, and dark

    • Alerts: .alert, .alert-{color}
    • Badges: .badge, .badge-{color}, .badge-pill
    • Buttons: .btn, .btn-{color}, .btn-outline-{color}
    • Cards: .card, .card-body
    • Color: .text-{color}, .bg-{color}
    • Containers: .container, .container-fluid
    • Floats: .float-left, .float-right
    • Grid: .row, .col-{1-12}, .col-lg-{1-12}
    • Hrs: <hr>
    • Spacing: .p{tlbrxy}-{lg-}{0-5}, .m{tby}-{lg-}{0-5}, mx-auto
    • Width: w-{lg-}{25,50,75,100}
    • Tables: .table, .table-striped,.table-bordered, .thead-light, .thead-dark, .table-{color}, .table-dark
    • Typography: <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5>, <h6>, <strong>, <u>, <em>, <s>, .text-{sm|lg-}left, .text-{sm|lg-}center, .text-{sm|lg-}right, .display-{1-4}, .lead, .small

    Additional Classes

    Installation and usage

    Install package with npm i bootstrap-email -S

    To compile a default template:

    const BootstrapEmail = require('bootstrap-email');
    const template = new BootstrapEmail('<absolute-path-to-template>.html');
    // const template = new BootstrapEmail([
    //     '<absolute-path-to-first-template>.html',
    //     '<absolute-path-to-second-template>.html',
    // ]);
    // const template = new BootstrapEmail('<div class="container">...</div>'); 

    Alternatively use the Gulp plugin to integrate Bootstrap Email into your templating workflow.


    • style string (optional) - Path to css or scss file, which should be inlined. Default is bootstrap-email.scss
    • head string (optional) - Path to css or scss file, which should be injected to head. Default is head.scss
    • templates array<string> - Array with paths to html files you want to compile.
    • logLevel


    new BootstrapEmail(templates, options)
    compile(): string | [{path: string, document: string}]

    Performs a full compile and returns compiled document(s).

    If only one template is about to compile, returns the compiled template, otherwise an array containing objects with the path of the input-file and the compiled document.

    const singleTemplate = new BootstrapEmail('<absolute-path-to-template>.html');
    // returns string
    const multipleTemplates = new BootstrapEmail(['<absolute-path>', ...]);
    // returns [{path:'<absolute-path-to-source>', document: '...'}, ...]
    compileAndSave(path): void

    Performs a full compile and saves compiled files into given path.

    If only one template is given, pass a full path including filename and extension. Otherwise pass only a directory name. The filenames will be used from the source files.

    const singleTemplate = new BootstrapEmail('<absolute-path-to-template>.html');
    const multipleTemplates = new BootstrapEmail(['<absolute-path>', ...]);


    • [ ] Support multiple CSS/SASS-files
    • [ ] Add Typescript typings
    • [ ] Implement bootstrap-like vertical align classes
    • [ ] Extract automatically CSS that cannot be inlined (:hover, :focus, ...)
    • [ ] Add option for output formatting (minimized, formatted, ...)
    • [ ] Write better docs & examples
    • [ ] Write cli script

    Known Bugs

    • Outlook 2013 on Windows 10 with 120DPI can't scale images properly
    • Paddings don't work properly on Outlook (Windows ofc)
    • Auto-sized tables behave as if they would have width="100%" on Outlook 2003 (Windows ofc)
    • Outlook 2003 (Windows) is fucked up in general


    npm i bootstrap-email

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