Express and Twitter Bootstrap powered blogging

#Node.js Blog Engine The goal of this project is to create a simple, reusable blog template for Node.js. By passing in a few options, you can quickly have a fully functioning blog, including WYSIWYG editing, database saving, Disqus comments, draft saving options, and a responsive Twitter Bootstrap theme.

#Sample Usage

var blog = require('blog');
    title: "My awesome blog",
    adminGoogleEmail: '',
    port: 3000,
    liveDomain: '',
    database: {
        database: config.database,
        user: config.user,
        password: config.password,
        dbPort: config.dbPort

#Project Status This repository was initially for my personal blog, so I'm currently removing all files that were for my blog only. Also, this node module will be published so it can be downloaded via npm in the near future. Feedback is welcome!