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Responsive Vertical Navigation Tabs for Boostrap 4

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If you use Bootstrap 5, a new package is available for that: bootstrap-5-vertical-tabs

A stylesheet that implements vertically-oriented navigation tabs with Bootstrap 4.


This package was inspired by the original bootstrap vertical tabs.

However, that package does not work with Bootstrap 4.


This package depends on Bootstrap 4, so it is assumed that you already have it installed and/or included in your HTML.

You can use this package either by directly embedding its pre-built stylesheet in your HTML after the boostrap styles like this:


or (recommended) install and build it yourself:

npm install bootstrap-4-vertical-tabs node-sass node-sass-import --save-dev


This assumes that you use SCSS stylesheets.

1. In your stylesheet either:

@import "bootstrap-4-vertical-tabs/scss/custom-variables";
@import "bootstrap-4-vertical-tabs/scss/responsive-vertical-tabs";

or (recommended) define your own values for the custom variables, and then @import responsive-vertical-tabs.scss.

It requires the following variables to be defined:

  • $vertical-tabs-min - this value specifies the minimum view width for display of vertical tabs, below this width vertical tabs turn into regular horizontal tabs:

horizontal tabs at medium view width

  • $horizontal-tabs-min - if the view is narrower than this value, horizontal tabs turn into nav-pills-like buttons:

nav-pills at narrow view width

  • $fixed-tab-size - specify this based on the expected text length to be displayed on the tabs. A (long) text that (always) fits into a vertical tab, will get ellipsis-ed when it doesn't fit into horizontal or sideways tabs:
Vertical Horizontal Sideways
vertical tab with a long text horizontal tab with a long text vertical sideways tab with a long text

changing the value of this variable can allow you to control if and how tab captions might be truncated. The recommended values are between 4 and 12 rem.

  • $left-tabs-text-align and $right-tabs-text-align - these specify the text alignment for vertical left/right tabs. When tabs are displayed as horizontal or nav-pills, the text is always center-aligned.

Check the custom-variables.scss stylesheet for the default values.

2. Compile with node-sass

npx node-sass --importer node_modules/node-sass-import <input>.scss <output>.css


There are 3 classes defined in the stylesheet which should be applied to the element having nav-tabs bootstrap class: left-tabs, right-tabs, and sideways-tabs:

Left Right
left-tabs right-tabs
sideways-tabs (with left-tabs) sideways-tabs (with right-tabs)

The index.html file in the dist directory illustrates all four styles.

You can also see the live demo.

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