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Bool.js - Express Server Driver

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What is bool.js?

Bool.js is an MVC Framework. But is not just any other framework; it gives us back the power to choose how to organize a well-designed project, so we can choose our dependencies, craft our architecture, choose our data connectors, and finally, work based on cool development structures without hesitating about learning the framework as is.

Bool.js also reminds the importance of having a cool workspace structure. That's why it's based on namespaces, leading us to focus on our code rather than focusing on managing complicated references to other files in our project.

Can I migrate my projects to bool.js?

Of course you can. Bool.js is Free Software (not as in a free beer, but in free as a bird). Just remember to update all of your dependencies, arrange your code in the right project structure (we're very tight at that) and finally, use Node.js 4.0.0 or further versions.

What is this about?

booljs-express is a driver to enable loading an express server over Bool.js Framework.


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