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    Automatic password hashing for your bookshelf models


    After installing bookshelf-bcrypt with npm i --save bookshelf-bcrypt, all you need to do is add it as a bookshelf plugin and enable it on your models.

    let knex = require('knex')(require('./knexfile.js').development)
    let bookshelf = require('bookshelf')(knex)
    // Add the plugin
    // Enable it on your models
    let User = bookshelf.Model.extend({ tableName: 'users', bcrypt: { field: 'password' } })
    // By default, an error will be thrown if a null/undefined password is detected. Use the following to allow null/undefined passwords
    let User = bookshelf.Model.extend({ tableName: 'users', bcrypt: { field: 'password', allowEmptyPassword: true } })


    Nothing fancy here, just keep using bookshelf as usual.

    // Wow such h4x0r, much password
    let user = yield User.forge({ password: 'h4x0r' }).save()
    console.log(user.get('password')) // $2a$12$K2CtDP7zSGOKgjXjxD9SYey9mSZ9Udio9C95K6wCKZewSP9oBWyPO

    This plugin will also hash the password again if it detects that the field changed, so you're good to do this:

    let user = yield User.forge({ id: 1000 }).fetch()
    // Update the user
    user.set('password', 'another_pwd')
    yield // Password automatically hashed with the new value
    // You can also avoid hashing by using an options
    yield{ bcrypt: false })


    bookshelf-bcrypt uses 12 salt rounds by default. By default we don't try and detect a rehash because a user may use a password that looks like a bcrypt hash. If you add a detectBcrypt function value and it returns a truthy value, an error will be thrown. You can also override the onRehash function in settings.

    bookshelf.plugin(require('bookshelf-bcrypt'), {
      rounds: 10 // >= 12 recommended though,
      detectBcrypt: password => password.length > 50,
      onRehash: function () {
        // This will avoid throwing error but be aware that you can loose
        // user's password if you don't know what you're doing.
        // The function is also binded to the model instance that raised the event
        // so you can use any method to better handle it
        console.warn(`Rehash detected for ${this.tableName}`)
        this.set('need_password_change', true)


    git clone
    cd bookshelf-bcrypt && npm install && npm test


    npm i bookshelf-bcrypt

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