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Bookmarklet: sane development, familiar format

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Bookmarklet is a nodejs module for compiling bookmarklets in server-side code and directly from the shell. You can run it on any JavaScript file—it will minify it using uglify-js, wrap it in a self executing function, and return an escaped bookmarklet.

More so, it supports a metadata block—modeled after the greasemonkey userscript metadata block—to specify metadata, external stylesheets and script includes, which can look like this:

// ==Bookmarklet==
// @name LoveGames
// @author Old Gregg
// @style !loadOnce
// @script
// ==/Bookmarklet==

Most notably, you can specify any external scripts that you’d like your bookmarklet to include via the @script rule, which can be repeated as many times as you’d like.

NOTE: currently with script includes you have to handle noConflict scenarios yourself, e.g., you might want to start off a script with var $ = jQuery.noConflict(true).

In addition, any css files included with @style will be injected.

By default, every time the bookmark is hit, it will add the script and style tags again. You customize each one per line by adding a !loadOnce declaration between the @style or @script param and the path for the asset. See the example above.

As of v1.0.0, this now uses Babel with the present "env" to make the code backwards compatible before minifying it.

This project is open to suggestions & pull requests.

Also, if you’re just looking for a quick way to throw together a bookmarklet, try my browser-based bookmarklet creator.


The dependency can be found on NPM as “bookmarklet”. You can install it with:

npm install bookmarklet


You can easily see usage by running bookmarklet -h:

> bookmarklet -h
Bookmarklet v0.0.1 usage: bookmarklet [-d | --demo] source [destination]

-d | --demo - output a demo HTML page for sharing the bookmarklet
source      - path to file to read from or `-` for stdin
destination - path to file to write to

The default output is the raw bookmarlet code. NEW add the --demo flag to output a test HTML page that includes the bookmarklet on it.


A very basic test script can be run via bash test/



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