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Create books from a folder of markdown files


Convert a folder of Markdown files into data ready for a pagemaker book

$ npm install bookmaker

Each markdown file represents a page of the book and can have front-matter. The values can be used in the book template to show images and play sounds.

An example of a single page .md:

title: Page 2
image: images/balloons.png
template: dinosaur
This is some markdown
It will be converted to HTML

Take a folder of these with some images and sounds and you can use the following code:

var BookMaker = require('bookmaker')
// the base folder for the book content 
var book = BookMaker(__dirname + '/test/book')
// a glob pattern for what .json files to merge into the top level book config 
book.loadConfig('*.json', function(err, config){
    // the config is an object containing a merge of the *.json files 
// a glob pattern for what markdown files to load for pages 
book.loadPages('*.md', function(err, pages){
    // pages is an array of objects each representing a page 
        // page has .body .html and .attributes 
// a combination of getConfig and getPages 
book.load('*.json', '*.md', function(err, book){
    // book has a 'pages' property 
    // we can write the .json to the dest folder 
// a glob pattern for the files to copy 
book.copyFiles('*.{mp3,ogg}', targetFolder, function(err){
    // the source files have been copied to the target dir 
// a glob pattern for the images to resize 
book.resizeImages('*.{png,jpg,gif}', targetFolder, '600x400', function(err){
    // the source images have been resized and copied to the target dir 

A simplied version of the above:

var BookMaker = require('bookmaker')
// the base folder for the book content 
var book = BookMaker(__dirname + '/test/book')
book.write(__dirname + '/output', {
}, function(){
    // the book has been written to __dirname + '/output' 

Create a new book object passing the folder root for where the markdown pages and other files live

Load an object that is the result of merging the files found in the passed file glob.

This object is the top level of the book - the 'pages' property is populated by the markdown files.

Normally a single json file will be used but you can use a glob to merge multiple configs for one book:

var book = BookMaker(src)
book.getConfig('{main,theme}.json', function(err, config){
    // config is main.json and theme.json merged 

Process each markdown file found in the glob and return an array of the JSON objects.

A combo of loadConfig and loadPages that returns a single object that is the config with a 'pages' property

Copy a glob of files from the book folder to the targetFolder

Copy and resize the images in the glob. Size can be a string: '100x100' or an object with 'width' and 'height' properties.

You can also install bookmaker globally and use it as a command line script

$ npm install bookmaker -g
$ bookmaker --help
usage: bookmaker [options] sourcefolder destfolder
  --config, -c - a glob for the config files
  --pages, -p - a glob for the .md pages
  --files, -f - a glob for files to copy
  --images, -i - a glob for images to resize
  --imagesize, -s - the size for resized images
$ bookmaker --config "*.json" --pages "*.md" --images "*.jpg" --imagesize 600x400 ./input ./output