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JRNI Studio

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Please read the contributors guide for an outline of the workflow and styleguide for working with the application


Node version

Node version 10 or greater is required.


Put an .env file in the root of the project if it is not already there. Use this file to override any locally defined environment variables. Otherwise, put the following environment variables in the .env file.

For local development

  • BB_CORE_SRC_DIR="/path/to/bookingbug-core-js"
  • BB_CONFIGURATOR_SRC_DIR="/path/to/bookingbug-configurator-js"

For deployment to AWS

  • AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY="your access key"
  • AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID="your access key ID"

For posting deployment details to slack

  • BB_SLACK_URL="slack webhook url"
  • BB_SLACK_TOKEN="slack token"

The .env is necessary even if it is empty.


Run npm i or npm install will install all the dependencies.

Running the app

Simply run npm start to start the application. You can pass a few options here

  • npm start -- --local core --local configurator will run the application using these modules locally
  • if you then run npm start without passing any local modules or if you pass different ones, the remaining ones will be reinstalled automatically from the remote specified in the package.json
  • npm start -- --port 8091 will run the server with the port... 8091!

Using the configurator locally

In order for your configurator project to work locally you need ALL of the following parameters:

  • client The name of the configurator project
  • environment The name of the environment in the project
  • product The name of the product in the project (Without this one it will not work locally whereas it can be ommitted for a deployed version)

For example: http://localhost:8000/?client=my_company&product=studio&environment=test

Development deploy

npm run deploy -- --env development will deploy your application on /development/your-branch-name.

Please remember the -- syntax is necessary to pass params to npm scripts.


Sometimes webpack dev server compilation doesn't stop when pressing Ctrl+C https://github.com/webpack/webpack-dev-server/issues/1479




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