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    A lightweight node wrapper for the Google Books API intended to be used with the superagent-cache module. Use this package to circumvent the limited number of allowed API requests per day.

    Compatible with superagent-cache 1.0.4 - 1.0.6 and >= 1.2.1.


    npm install bookify

    Basic Usage


    Search for books matching the specified query and automatically cache the result.

    import bookify from '../lib/bookify.js';
    import superagentCache from 'superagent-cache';
    const bookifyInMemoryCache = new bookify({ superagent: superagentCache() });'Professional JavaScript for Web Developers')
    	.then(function(result) {

    This returns an array of JSON objects. For example:

    		"title":"Professional Javascript For Web Developers 2Nd Ed",
    			"Nicholas C. Zakas"
    		"publisher":"John Wiley & Sons",

    bookify will return a cached result the next time the search is performed and avoid hitting the GoogleBooks API. The search function always returns a promise that is fulfilled when the result is retrieved fomr either GoogleBooks API or cache. The search function will gracefully fall back to a regular superagent instance (i.e. without cache) if the superagent argument is not supplied.

    Advanced Usage

    The constructor optionally accepts an options object. The available options are:

    key : Your Google API key (Optional)
    field : Search in a specified field (title, author, publisher, subject or isbn) (Optional)
    offset : The position in the collection at which to start the list of results (Default: 0)
    limit : The maximum number of results to return (Max 40) (Defult: 10)
    type : Restrict results to books or magazines (Default: all)
    order : Order results by relevance or newest (Default: relevance)
    lang : Restrict results to a specified language (two-letter ISO-639-1 code) (Default: en) returnFields: Restrict response to the specified fields (Default: all)


    import bookify from 'bookify';
    const options = {
    	key: "YOUR API KEY",
    	field: 'title',
    	offset: 0,
    	limit: 10,
    	type: 'books',
    	order: 'relevance',
    	lang: 'en',
    	returnFields: 'items(volumeInfo(title,authors,publishedDate))'
    const bookifyNoCache = new bookify({ options: options });'Professional JavaScript for Web Developers') {

    For more info see the Google Books API documentation and superagent-cache documentation.


    npm i bookify

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