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Bones Passport

Provides a pluggable authentication middleware server that uses the Passport library.

Supports dummy, twitter, oauth1 and oauth2 authentication strategies.


Mount any of the supported authentication strategies in your bones middleware server :

// filename: servers/Middleware.bones
var express = require('express');

    initialize: function(parent, app) {, app);
        // session support is required, and is the responsibility
        // of your application to enable.
        this.use(express.session({ secret: 'secret' }));

        this.use(new servers.PassportTwitter(app));

Configuration settings for the authentication strategies are stored in a passport.json file in the root of your application, for example:

    "twitter" : {
        "callbackURL": "http://mydomain:3000/auth/twitter/callback",
        "consumerKey": "get from",
        "consumerSecret": "get from"

You can initiate login by directing your user to /auth/twitter in this case, although each authentication strategy has it's own url, such as /auth/dummy and /auth/oauth2 for those relevant strategies.

Bones-passport has a basic User model that will be instanced into req.user by passport when a user has been logged in, and you can test for a logged in user with req.isAuthenticated.