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Get that nice "Google" style search, without the billion dollar investment.

In the browser

In the head do this:

<script src="/"></script>
  bone.modules.TextSearch = bone.modules.textsearch(options)

You can pass in the following options:

  • selector - The selector that designates textsearch boxes.
  • inboundMiddleware - Inbound middleware.
  • outboundMiddleware - Outbound middleware.

Then create as many textsearch boxes as you want in your html like this:

<input type="text"data-ui="textsearch" />

In node

// Rockout with your cock out 

You can supply the following options:

  • search - Data route that receives two arguments data, and context.
  • inboundMiddleware - Array of inbound middleware functions.
  • outboundMiddleware - Array of outbound middleware functions.