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    bolt-sms is a sms control plugin for Bolt slack bot based on bolt-remote plugin. You can use this plugin to pass the commands from outside with a sms provider to your slack bot.


    First install Bolt and make it work. Then use npm and install it:

    npm install --save bolt-sms

    note that you should config both this plugin and bolt-remote in order to make it work.


    Bolt knows the plugins by their package name prefix. It's loading all bolt-* modules as plugin and pass them a Bolt instance. They can modify the bot or do anything else with the instance.

    This plugin only needs some configuration in your Bolt config.js file. You can modify the config in the runtime by editing your bot .config.sms property. It's usefull for validator and modifier config key which we'll mention below. The config properties are:

      request: {
        type: 'post',
        path: '/message',
      params: {
        from: 'from',
        to: 'to',
        message: 'message'
      validator: msg => true,
      modifier: msg => msg,
      responseHandler: msg => null
    • request: The request type and path for setting for our message receiver webhook.

    • params: SMS message params that SMS provider is passing to our hook. If request.type config be post, it should be in request body and if it's get it should be in request query. The params object parameters are:

      • from: The SMS sender phone number
      • to: Our SMS phone number (useless for now :/ xD)
      • message: The SMS text content itself
    • validator: A function that takes message object and should return true to respond and act. If it returns false, the http request will receive a 403 error. This function takes the following SMS object signature:

        from: '+989999999',
        message: 'Hey, I will be there soon!'


      myBot.config.sms.validator = msg => {
        const spammer = '+988888888'
        if (msg.from === spammer) {
          return false; // stop him!
        return true; // he's not the spammer
    • modifier: A function that can modify our message before we pass it to our slack bot. It receive message object and return message object. It runs after validator and before emitting message to bot. Input signature looks like validator function.


      myBot.config.sms.modifier = msg => {
        const adminPhoneNumber = '+989876543';
        if (msg.from === adminPhoneNumber) {
          msg.message = `admin: ${msg.message}`;
        return msg;
    • responseHandler: A function that will be called before bot sends user response back to the user in slack. You can use this function to send the user SMS or some other additional message. The object passed to this function looks like this:

        text: 'Some messsage text', // our slack bot response that he'll send to user in react to the message came
        phone: '09309999999', // sms sender phone number
        user: 'U123456', // some Slack user id
        channel: 'D654321' // user channel id that can be used to send additional message


      myBot.config.sms.responseHandler = msg => {
        const { text, phone } = msg;
        // do something with phone and sms with your own functions like sendSMS(phone, text) or etc.


    You can fork the repository, improve or fix some part of it and then send the pull requests back if you want to see them here. I really appreciate that. ❤️

    Remember to lint your code before sending pull requests. Run the Grunt eslint task with the following command and fix the lint errors if you get any.

    grunt eslint


    npm i bolt-sms

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