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    Bolide-nuxt-template wants to be an advanced and always up-to-date version of nuxt-community/starter-template, with general purpose utilities and packages from the community (mainly nuxt-community) already installed and configured.

    ✸ Why this boilerplate?

    I've created it because most of the times I was "yarn install"-ing the same packages and configuring the same things over and over again too often for each project. With Bolide, it's everything already packed and ready to go in a few seconds!


    • Question-based template options, basic SEO meta tags and package.json generator
    • You can automatically choose and install one of the following CSS Frameworks: [Vuetify, Buefy, Element-UI, Bootstrap-Vue, AT-UI, MUSE-UI]
    • Auto-install packages
    • Shipped with monomer-css, my own CSS atomic framework
    • A /utils/config.js file to configure locales and environment-based variable such as Backend APIs URLs
    • Installed and already configured vee-validate, nuxt-i18n, @nuxtjs/pwa, @nuxtjs/auth and @nuxtjs/sitemap

    Currently, I didn't find anything broken. If you find something wrong, please create a new issue.

    ✸ How to use

    Get this template with:
    vue init bitkris-dev/bolide-nuxt-template


    ☼ Install dependencies:
    npm run setup

    ☼ Check packages distribution with webpack-bundle-analyzer:
    npm run analyze

    ☼ Serve with hot reload:
    npm run dev

    ☼ Generate icons:
    Insert .svg files in the /static/img/svg directory and run:
    npm run svg

    then you can import svg icons with:
    import '~/components/icons/icon-name.js'
    and use as components with:
    <svgicon name="icon-name" />

    Build commands

    npm run build # API_ENV isn't set
    npm run build-staging # API_ENV = 'staging'
    npm run build-production # API_ENV = 'production'

    Start commands

    npm run start # API_ENV isn't set
    npm run start-staging # API_ENV = 'staging'
    npm run start-production # API_ENV = 'production'

    Generate static project commands

    npm run generate # API_ENV isn't set
    npm run generate-staging # API_ENV = 'staging'
    npm run generate-production # API_ENV = 'production'

    ✸ Docs

    For general explanation on how things work, checkout both the Nuxt.js docs and the Nuxt.js starter-template docs, from which this templated forked.

    Other docs:



    npm i bolide-nuxt-template

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