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Client-side JavaScript Module Builder

Eliminates boilerplate required to test, lint, and build client-side CommonJS projects.

Provided Tasks

# Builds, tests, lints, and minifies the module and puts in in the ./build folder. 
gulp bpjs:build
# Incrementally builds, tests, and lints files as they're modified. 
gulp bpjs:dev


Requires Gulp 4.0. Execute npm install --save-dev gulp boilerplate-gulp-js, then modify your Gulpfile.js like so (or create one):

var gulp = require('gulp'),
  path= require('path'),
  bpjs = require('boilerplate-gulp-js');
bpjs(gulp, {
  // This will be used to name the built artifact (e.g., MyModule.js) 
  name: 'MyModule',
  // The root of your CommonJS modules 
  entry: path.join(__dirname, 'src/main.js'),
  // The sources for your project (used in linting and testing tasks) 
  sources: path.join(__dirname, 'src/**/*.js'),
  // The tests for your project 
  tests: path.join(__dirname, 'src/**/*Spec.js'),
  // The destination to write the built files 
  dest: path.join(__dirname, 'build')
// Rest of your gulp file, potentially overwriting the boilerplate-gulp tasks... 


  • Compiles JavaScript CommonJS modules into a single file (browserify) which can be loaded directly in a browser, via CommonJS loader, or a AMD loader. Produces both an unminified version and a minified version with source maps.
  • Run unit tests (jasmine.
  • Generates coverage reports (istanbul) for unit tests.
  • Lints JS (jshint)