A suite of Rails-style generators for the awesome Bogart framework. Work in progress.


Bogart is an awesome framework, but it currently does not come with a CLI. This project is a start, providing a few simple generators to help you get started quicker and easier with Bogart.

npm install bogart-gen

bogart-gen allows you to create repositories and apis for your Bogart application. Both of these come with the -L, --lite option, which will generate only the basic structure (no scaffolded code).

Repositories are the database abstraction layer of a Bogart application. Currently, bogart-gen only supports MySQL. Repos generated with bogart-gen will contain a basic CRUD with five functions:

get: // Get an object from the database by it's id

- ```javascript
set:  // Create a new entry in the DB, or update an existing one if the object passed to it has an ID

search: // More flexible than list, and return is compatible with GammaGrid

- ```javascript
del:  // Deletes an entry from the database 
bogart generate -r <modelName>

bogart-gen can create Bogart routing files for you so you can get up and running quickly. All API routes generated by bogart-gen will start with '/api/'. These API's will expose all of the repository methods; returns will be in JSON. Generate an API by calling the following from the command line:

bogart g -a <modelName>

You'll notice that this uses 'g' instead of 'generate', this is a convenience provided by bogart-gen