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## Installation

Bogart Form Warden

  • Install with npm: npm install bogart-form-warden
  • Clone from git: git clone

This package provies Form Warden JSGI middleware. Require bogart-form-warden for the middleware constructor. Use it in routes or in app.use calls.

Example of using formWarden middleware in a route:

var router = bogart.router();

var validationOptions = {
  fields: {
    email: [
        isValid: 'required',
        message: 'Email is required'
        isValid: 'email',
        message: 'Email must be a valid email address'



  function (req) {
    var email =;
    return viewEngine.respond('index.html', {
      locals: { email: email }

Run the tests with npm test.

  • Install dependencies: npm install.
  • Run the example in the examples directory: node examples/app.js.