a fast, simple app framework prone to violent crashes


Like every other Rails dev teaching themselves node I decided my first project would be to write my own app framework. Since it took me a day longer to discover express than it should have I actually got it working and then unwisely built some other stuff on on top of it, so now I'm releasing it a poor attempt to justify abusing NPM as my personal code repository/dependency manager. You're welcome to use it for any purpose you see fit, but I really can't recommend that you do, it's not stable, well-tested, well-thought-out, nor, well, well-anything. About the only redeemable features of bobsled are that it has very few dependencies and it uses the the awesomely fast doT.js template library, but even that it perverts with ASP style delimiters (<% %>) instead of mustache.

npm install bobsled


git clone
cd node-bobsled
npm link
var Bobsled = require("./bobsled").Bobsled;

var bobsled = new Bobsled();
bobsled.routes.GET["/helloworld"] = {
  "*": function (pathinfo, request, response) {
        response.writeHead(200, {"content-type": "text/plain"});