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boar-tasks Codeship Status for emartech/boar-tasks

Dependency Status

Example tasks


var config = require('./tasks.config');
var tasks = require('boar-tasks').getTasks(gulp, config);


Deploying to S3 and registering files in Emarsys Redirector service.

gulp.task('publish', ['publish-s3', 'publish-redirector']);
gulp.task('publish-s3', function() { return tasks.s3.publish(); });
gulp.task('publish-redirector', function() { return; });

Revision customization

By default Boar-tasks will use a timestamp based revision on the s3.publish and the tasks. If you prefer to use the version number as revision from the package.json then change the revision.type property of the task configuration to package.

If you would like to setup the revision by yourself you can define it in two different ways:

1. Use --revision argument

gulp publish --revision myCustomRevision

2. Directly add revisions to the tasks

var revision = 'myCustomRevision';
gulp.task('publish', ['publish-s3', 'publish-redirector']);
gulp.task('publish-s3', function() { return tasks.s3.publish(revision); });
gulp.task('publish-redirector', function() { return; });