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@FusionWorks/ra-data-nest-crud is a dataprovider for react-admin, that has been designed to make easier communication between a frontend application built with react-admin, and a backend application built with nestjs framework and nestjsx/crud.


Using npm: npm i @fusionworks/ra-data-nest-crud

Using yarn: yarn add @fusionworks/ra-data-nest-crud


// in app.js file
import React from 'react';
import { Admin, Resource, ShowGuesser } from 'react-admin';
import crudProvider from '@fusionworks/ra-data-nest-crud'
import { UsersList, UserCreate, UserEdit } from './Users'
const dataProvider = crudProvider('http://localhost:3000');
const App = () => (
  <Admin dataProvider={dataProvider}>
    <Resource name="users" list={UsersList} create={UserCreate} edit={UserEdit} show={ShowGuesser} />
export default App;

Working with relations, and selecting spesific fields

Quick and less flexible: Set the relations/fields to eager on server CRUD config side

Due to how nestjsx/crud works, in order to select only spesific fields, or to join relations, we need to add spesific query params.
but, REACT ADMIN does not provide a way to configure that on his side. (as to date react-admin#3411).
To solve that, we've added a way to embed these configurations in the resource name in JSON string form. In case you want want to work with relationship/select spesific fields:

import createDataProvider, { encodeParamsInResource } from "@fusionworks/ra-data-nest-crud";
<Admin dataProvider={createDataProvider("/api/...")} >
  // without setting a labelyou will have the JSON inside the generated label
  options={{ label: 'Books' }}
    // passed to @nestjsx/crud-request to generate the url
      fields: ["id", "name", "year"],
      join: [
          field: "pages",
          select: ["number", "words"]
          field: "author",
          select: ["id", "name"]
          field: "author.favoriteFood",
          select: ["id", "name"]

Handeling references/Permutations and encodeParamsInResource.

Due to how REACT ADMIN works, each variant of resource, even with same name, but using encodeParamsInResource, is seen as a different resource. Means that if on one of your components you've used reference input/field based on encodeParamsInResource with different parameters than the top level resource, You will need to add "headless" resource with same configurations. (What is it headless? what? see the tags resource here)

For example:

// CategoryEdit or what ever
  reference={encodeParamsInResource('templates', {
    join: [
        field: 'template',
  <AutocompleteInput optionText="name" >
// ...
<Resource name={encodeParamsInResource('templates', {
    join: [
        field: 'template',
  })} />
// ...

Note: In case of REST verb "CREATE" and "UPDATE" consider that the data provider will make GET_ONE request hehind the scene to fetch fresh copy of all of the record after the update/create.


You can find an example of a project that uses nestjs and nestjsx/crud on backend and admin-ui with @fusionworks/ra-data-nest-crud data provider.

If you need to run it, you need to go to api folder, install dependencies, change by your needs the config file for nestjs that is located in example/api/src/config/, and run application.

  • cd api
  • npm i
  • npm run start:dev

For frontend part you need just to go to admin-ui folder, install dependencies, and run the app:

  • cd admin-ui
  • npm i
  • npm start

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