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A node.js library for accessing Azure services


A lightweight, simplified node.js library for accessing Windows Azure storage

This module is available in two forms: 'bluesky', which includes Microsoft's azure library as a dependency, and 'bluesky-lite', which allows you to pass in your own instance of 'azure'. This second option can be helpful in overcoming file path limits that prevent you from using 'bluesky' directly (for example, when using this with Azure Mobile Services).


// Default usage 
var s = require('bluesky').storage({account: 'account', key: 'key'});
// or, if using bluesky-lite 
var azure = require('azure');
var s = require('bluesky-lite').storage({azure: azure, account: 'account', key: 'key'});
// queues, with events 
var q = s.queue('happenings');
q.on('message', function(msg, done) {
  done();  // delete the message 
// blobs, as streams 
var c1 = s.container('new');
var c2 = s.container('old');
// and tables, oh my! 
var t = s.table('folks');
t.filter({'isPremium': true}).rows().on('data', function(err, row) {
  console.log(row.user + '' + row.visits + '' + row.isPremium);

See the tests for additional examples, and the wiki for API documentation and a Road Map.


With 'azure' as a dependency (the most common way):

  npm install bluesky

Without 'azure' as a dependency:

  npm install bluesky-lite

Platform Support

The library can used with both Windows and non-Windows versions of node.js


This library depends on:

... and for unit tests: