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Blueprint Build Status

Create custom file templates for your project.

  • File GitHub issues anytime you run into unexpected situations/bugs.
  • Fork our project, send us PRs!


Setup where your Blueprint templates will be stored

  • Create a folder anywhere in your project matching the templates path setting. By default, the path is set to blueprint-templates. (See Extension Settings if you would like to change this)

Use Alt

Add templates

  • Create a template group by adding a new folder under the blueprint templates storage folder
  • Add a template to the group by creating a new file

Use Alt

Create from a template

  • Right click on the file or folder in the explorer
  • Select "New file from template"
  • Enter a name

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Extension Settings

Templates Path

To change the default storage location for where Blueprint templates are stored, navigate to settings.json or ⌘, under Visual Studio Code preferences and change the blueprint.templatesPath setting


// Where your Blueprint templates are stored. Templates are loaded relative to your workspace root path. Defaults to ./blueprint-templates 
"blueprint.templatesPath": [

Available Transforms

Helper Name Example Use In Templates Example Use in File/Folder Names Sample Result
upperCase {{upperCase name}} __upperCase_name__ THISISUPPERCASE
lowerCase {{lowerCase name}} __lowerCase_name__ thisislowercase
camelCase {{camelCase name}} __camelCase_name__ thisIsCamelCase
pascalCase {{pascalCase name}} __pascalCase_name__ ThisIsPascalCase
snakeCase {{snakeCase name}} __snakeCase_name__ this_is_snake_case
kebabCase {{kebabCase name}} __kebabCase_name__ this-is-kebab-case
lowerDotCase {{lowerDotCase name}} __lowerDotCase_name__ this.is.lower.dot.case


You can optionally include a "manifest.json" file in your template folders. This enables a few additionally points of customization.

key Description of Use
suffixesToIgnoreInInput If the value is "component" for instance, if user enters "My First Component" as the input -- "My First" will be used in the substitutions. This is to enable you to put "Component" in the template and not have to worry about the user entering it or not.
createFilesInFolderWithPattern (DEPRECATED) Create your template files within a folder -- uses the same transfrom as you would use during naming your files and folders. This is possible now by just creating a top-level folder in your template. Previously we did not support folders within folders. You should use that technique instead of using this key.


Example templates can be found here: blueprint-examples

We will continue to add new templates that we think may be helpful to use!

Known Issues

Release Notes


  • Skip content replacement on files that cannot read by handlebars. Useful for non-text files like images and video.


Bug Fix: Fixes detection of possible overwrites on file creation.


Cleanup of template selection user interface; the template name is now emphasized again.

Allow templates to include hidden folders and files. System created files (Thumbs.db, .DS_Store, etc. are still ignored).

Added two new transform helpers: lowerCase and upperCase.


Adds ability to provide multiple folders of templates. Useful for using both a project local and a shared (global) templates.

Template folder paths also now expand ~ to the home directory.


Added a new transform helper: lowerDotCase!


Now supports non-unix paths, AKA Windows support!


You can now create folders and nested folder/file structures inside a template folder. Folder names inside a template folder can be templated the same way that file names are.


Fixes missing dependency in initial release.




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