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    Blue Monk

    Blue Monk is a framework to build Web APIs upon Node environment.

    The beautiful design and architecture of the framework help to build the project quickly & more efficiently

    The inbuilt Routers modules are built on top of express and make route navigation much simpler.

    The Permissions modules provide a built-in permissions layer such as 'LoggedInPermission'. Abstract permission layer can easily be extended to build custom permission for the project.

    The inbuilt Controllers modules handle the requests, checks permissions, and dispatch the required request method. ApiControllers can be extended to make your own controllers.

    Avoid redundant patterns. Build with Blue Monk.

    Links to project Github & Npm

    Find docs inside the docs directory.


    Blue Monk requires Node.js v12+ to run.

    Installation with bluemonk-cli

    $ npm i -g bluemonk-cli

    Quick Start

    After installing the bluemonk-cli.

    • Create an empty directory and enter the following commands
      # to create a new project
      $ monk project <project_name>
      # also change the <project_name> in package.json file
      $ npm install
      # to create a new app
      $ monk app <app_name>
    • Create a ".env" file in the root of the project. Enter your credentials for MongoDB Atlas and Token_Secret key as following:
     TOKEN_SECRET = yoursecretkey
     # to start the server
     $ npm start

    You can look through quick tutorial and basic commands in the Docs directory


    npm i bluemonk

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