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This library provides a Bluebird promise method to retry an action while allowing cancellation.

While I was initially using bluebird-retry, I encountered issues needing to unreference and/or cancel promises which were retrying. As I had a couple other edge conditions, I authored a slightly different package instead of trying to adapt that one.

Examples of use:

var Promise = require("bluebird");
var bluebirdRetry = require("bluebird-cancellable-retry");

function doWork() {
	// Some method that does work but possibly throws an exception
	// May return a promise

This will now call doWork and if it fails, wait 1 second and retry.
It will repeat this up to 10 times or 5 minutes.
The delays will increase each attempt - 1, 2, 4, 8, and then 10 seconds each time after that
If you get tired of waiting, you can call: p1.cancel();
var p1 = bluebirdRetry(doWork, { interval: 1000, use_delay: true, max_tries: 10, timeout: 300000, backoff: 2, max_interval: 10 });
.then(function () { /* Do something with the results here */ });


bluebirdRetry(method, options)

Executes the specified method and retries as defined by the options until it succeedes or runs out of attempts. The method may return a promise.

If the method throws an error or returns a promise that is rejected, the error is inspected to see what to do.

  • If the error has a property "endRetry" set to a truthy value, then the retry loop is terminated and the error thrown
  • If the error is a bluebird CancellationError, then the retry loop is terminated and the error thrown
  • If we are out of time or attempts, the error is thrown
  • Otherwise the method is retried after any specified delay


  • interval - Interval (in milliseconds) of executions
    • If not specified, there will be no delay between attempts
    • if use_delay is set to true, then this is a delay from one failure till the next attempt
    • otherwise it is the interval from the start of one attept to the start of the next (assuming the first one fails)
  • use_delay - See notes under "interval" above
  • max_tries - Maximum number of attempts - if not specified, then the number of attempts is not limited
  • timeout - Maximum total time (in milliseconds) to try - will not be time limited if not specified
  • backoff - If set, then the interval will be multiplied by this value after each failure
    • Setting to 1.0 is same as not setting it at all
    • Setting to a value less than 1.0 will make each attempt faster instead of slower
    • Setting to a negative value would just be silly...
  • max_interval - If backoff is set, the interval will be capped at this value
  • unref - If set to true, the delay timer is unreferenced so that the timer does not prevent Node from exiting


Any PRs are welcome but please stick to following the general style of the code and stick to CoffeeScript. I know the opinions on CoffeeScript are...highly varied...I will not go into this debate here - this project is currently written in CoffeeScript and I ask you maintain that for any PRs.




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