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A set of bloom filter implementations in pure coffee/javascipt.

Currently three bloom filters are supported:

  • sliced bloom filter: a bloom filter that is optimized to minimize false positives.
  • strict sliced bloom filter: same as above but forbids you from adding more keys than the filter supports.
  • scalable bloom filter: a bloom filter than automatically alocates additional space. It grows, while preserving your target error rate.
  • CONCISE bit map: an implementation of the CONCISE bitmap [].


  • coffee/ - The primary implementation, in coffeescript.
  • js/BloomFilter.js - The node.js friendly version (has require statements - this is what you get if you require this via commonJS).
  • stitched.js - A javascript version stitched together with its requirements so you can use this package outside commonJS/Node.
  • index.html - a demonstration of the three types of filter.


You can use the 'cake' command to build this project.

  • cake test - test against jasmine test cases.
  • cake js - generate all javascript versions.
  • cake server - run a test server to view index.html.