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Build Status

Bloguito is a really small blog engine.

some design constraints

here's a few of the design constraints I imposed on myself for this project:

  • no databases - this means the posts will be plain text files, written in markdown or some superset of markdown.
  • no technologies I am familiar with - this means ruby Node.js and nginx. and css. yes. I don't know css.

what's planned for the very first version

  • reading posts from a directory and showing them in a page

what's planned for the future

  • we'll see.

some history and motivation

I have to admit that the first purpose of this blog engine really is just to geek out a bit.

I wanted to learn ruby, I was suffering from not invented here syndrome, and I guess it's just not professional that your personal website is just an installation of wordpress or a blog on tumblr.

I also wanted to remove PHP from my server completelly :-|

Finally, my friend Pedro did something similar so I wanted to see if I could to it as well.

Except I wanted it even simpler.