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** 3 mins setup (assuming you are familiar with github, heroku and travis)

*** 1st min: config your own blogist **** 1.1 fork [[][blogist]] then clone to local


git clone<github username>/blogist.git
cd blogist


**** 1.2 follow the first step [[][here.]] and copy your github page [repo url], copy the ❗️ https one, not ssh

**** 1.3 config blogist




then you will get prompt about how to setup your blogist

you'll have to input the following:(* required)

  • github_name*: your github username ❗️IMPORTANT
  • homepage*: your blog url, with "https?:\"
  • ghpage_repo: [repo url] you copy before [❗️IMPORTANT: use https link, not ssh!]
  • author_name: optional, by default your git config
  • blog_title: title of your blog
  • description:description of your blog
  • theme: choose your blog theme, by default flatly, or anythin you like from here
  • branch: default master, or gh-pages if you like.
  • disqus_name: disqus short name
  • google_analytics: google analytics code
  • about_gist: the gist hash of your about page

after you complete the config, a settings.json will be generated. if you want to change the settings later, just modify this file.


alternatively, you may copy my [[][settings]].json file change things to yours, and put it in config/. then run sh


*** 2nd min: configure travis ci (if you don't need SEO because gist already does that for you, skip this, you'r DONE!) **** 2.1 Setup CI open and find your repo

toggle on ❗️ [[]]

then go grab a cup of coffee, you'll see the repo show up in travis when back.

**** 2.2 push to github page ❗️ IMPORTANT


git add config/settings.json git commit -am "init config" git push origin master


then wait for the ci pass.

**** 2.3 verify visit one article like julia in Y Minutes and remove the =#=, if it's not 404 page, congrat✨ *** 3rd min: SEO

  • go to the your repo's travis
  • open inspector goto network tab
  • click rebuild
  • right click the rebuild url and select "Copy as Curl" [[]]
  • open
  • add this addon to any of your heroku app. then open
  • click add job then paste the curl you just copied.
  • set the frequency as often as you like to cache your blogist for seo.

** Contribute

*** run test


grunt mocha


** Issues feel free posting issues here [[]]