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blogger2ghost - Blogspot JSON migrator plugin for Ghost

blogger2ghost allows you to convert your Blogspot blog content into one compatible with Ghost.



  1. Set your blog's feed to Full in your Blogger.com dashboard: Settings | Other | Allow Blog Feed
  2. Get posts in JSON format from your blog using <your blog>/feeds/posts/default?alt=json&max-results=10000 and save it to some file (eg. data.json)
  3. $ npm install blogger2ghost -g
  4. $ blogger2ghost -i data.json > ghost.json
  5. Surf to ghost/settings/labs at your blog
  6. Use Import controls to import the data to your blog

Alternatively you can install and invoke it as a library (ie. $ npm install blogger2ghost and node_modules/blogger2ghost -i data.json)


Remove tables from posts:

$ blogger2ghost -i data.json > ghost.json --remove-tables

Supply authors for multi-user Ghost:

This will attribute imported posts to existing users, you should first create the users within Ghost.

  1. Create authors.json file e.g.:

        "John Smith": { // key should match author name from blogger
            "id": 7, // id is arbitrary
            "email": "john@example.com" // email is used for lookup, must exist
        "Jane Doe": {
            "id": 8,
            "email": "jane@gmail.com"
  2. Run $ blogger2ghost -i data.json > ghost.json -a authors.json

Download images from Blogger:

This will download all images from existing Blogger posts and place them into a directory ready for upload to Ghost. It will also replace urls with normalised paths that will load from the local content directory of Ghost.

# 'blogger-images' directory will be created
$ blogger2ghost -i data.json > ghost.json -d blogger-images --download-limit 10


var convert = require('blogger2ghost');
// json to convert goes to first
// options (authors etc.) go to second param
// extension callback as third
convert({...}, {}, function(data, post) {
    // manipulate data based on post fields (see blogger data content above)
    // you can see data fields available at https://github.com/tryghost/Ghost/wiki/import-format
    // once you are done with manipulation, return result
    return data;


  • ekaragodin - Fixed post import with non latin titles and tags
  • homerjam - Prettification of the output, support for multiple authors and downloading images
  • Mark Baird - Downloaded images correctly, fix duplicate tags and allow post content to be left in HTML format
  • Murphy Randle - Updated to-markdown to use correct invocation
  • Kiko Beats - Removed extra newlines after images as that broke image links.


blogger2ghost is available under MIT. See LICENSE for more details.


npm i blogger2ghost

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