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Setup and sync an S3 bucket for website serving


npm install -g blofeld

Yes, I'm using npm to distribute a shell script.

Deal with it.


blofeld -t target_bucket -f folder [-s short_expiry_files] [-g gzipped_files]

Let's say you have a folder, dist, that you want to serve from the S3 bucket my-awesome-website. That's easy, it

blofeld -t my-awesome-website -f dist

This creates the bucket, tells S3 to serve it as a website, and syncs dist to it. Nice.

By default, Blofeld sets the expiry to one year. You probably want say HTML files to expire quickly, so list them on the -s option:

blofeld -t my-awesome-website -f dist -s "dist/index.html dist/faq.html"

And now they have five-minute expiry. Ok, so S3 doesn't support dynamic GZIP, and maybe you'd like to compress your Javascript files. Add them to the -g option:

blofeld -t my-awesome-website -f dist -g "dist/app.js"

If you want Blofeld to gzip the files itself, add the -G option.

More configuration coming soon.


Blofeld requires the AWS command line tool, which can be installed via Pip:

pip install awscli

Run aws configure to set up your credentials.


MIT. © MMXIV Matt Brennan