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you can install the npm module here

npm install blockchaininfo-unofficial

See abstract-common-blockchain for API

Blockchain's Abstract Common Blockchain Coverage

Use this link to see what supports


Standard convention is described fully in the types.json file in the link above.


simply require the npm module at the top of the file

var blockchaininfoClient = require('blockchaininfo-unofficial')({
  api_code: "your api code here"

you may specify the options you wish to make a call like so:

//example call
blockchaininfoClient.Addresses.Unspents(["address 1", "address 2", ...], callback);

Known Issues

  1. does not support unconfirmed balance so in Addresses.Summary, both unconfirmedBalance and confirmedBalanace will be null; however, balance will represent the confirmed balance of the address.
  2. does not support unconfirmed unspent outputs, so Addresses.Unspents will not display unspents that do not have at least one confirmation


please email us with any and all issues/requests.