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The blew Command line Tool.

🚧 Warning: DO NOT use in production.

The project still under development, we hope to release a stable version soon.

What ?

Well, blew is a developers tool to share codes, and pastes, and blew-cli is the Command line tool helper to make easy to spread your snippets.

🚀 Getting Started

First of all, access, sign-up, and get your CLI Access Key¹²

  • ¹ - You can find you Key at CLI Page
  • ² - Do NOT share your Access Key, it's our way to authenticate you!

🔌 Installing

We believe that you already installed [node], and [npm], so just:

$ sudo npm install blew -g

PS: This may take a while, depending on your computer and your network.

🔒 Authentication

After installing our npm package, you need to copy your access key from our website, and run the command below:

$ blew auth -k YOUR_KEY

If everything works fine, you should expect something like this:

$ YOUR_NAME, thanks for use blew, your terminal is ready for use!

Otherwise open an issue here with the problem, maybe a print or log.

🔥 Usage

Now you're ready to go, so see below some usage examples:

Default usage:
$ blew new <file> <options>

Options grid

Option Description Example
-f / --file ¹ File path/name main.c or ../../core/
-n / --name ² Name for the paste My_Paste, "My Code..."
-l / --language Language JavaScript, JS, C, C++ ...
-p / --private³ Is it Private? Put -p only if it is private
-e / --expires How long sould be available? 1d (one day), 1m (one month), null (never)
  • ¹: Required Field;
  • ²: If not fill, will have the same value as the file name;
  • ³: No need to fill up true/false, if there's a -p will be private; The default value is false;

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Checkout our issues and help us out.

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