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This is a simple simulation of Conway's game of life. It's written in javascript for nodejs and targets the command line. It utilizes the following nodejs modules:

Getting Started


Make sure you have node.js properly installed. Then use npm to install:

$ npm install -g blessed-life

You will probably have to run this command as root like so:

$ sudo npm install -g blessed-life


You can write configurations for blessed-life in json. Some examples are given in the example directory in this repo.


You can start the program by opening a terminal and entering:

$ blessed-life

There are many command line switches that can be used (use -h or --help for more information). You can specify a certain configuration file to use by using the -c or --config switch:

$ blessed-life -c example/glider.json

Make sure the value for this switch is a valid path. An asciicast can be found here.

Further Reading

If you want to know a bit more about blessed-life, visit the wiki. Also, feel free to read more about Conway's game of life if you're interested in the theory.