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This packet parser can be used as a callback for the node-module ble-scanner and process Bluetooth LE advertising packets. The output is JSON.


The packet parser receives the packet as an array of hex strings or integers and produces a json output.

#require module
bleParser = require("ble-packet-parser");

# define input
packet = ["04","3E",...]
# parse packet
json = bleParser(packet)

# or if the input is as array of integers
packetInt = [4,62,...]
json = bleParser(packet,true)

The packet will be parsed into a JSON, e.g.:

 "Event_Code": 62,
 "Subevent_Code": 2,
 "Packet_Length": 32,
 "Reports": [
     "eventType": 3,
     "addressType": 1,
     "address": "4F:5E:6D:7C:8B:9A",
     "data": [
       "fieldType": 1,
       "fieldName": "Flags",
       "data": 4
        "fieldType": 9,
        "fieldName": "Full Local Name",
        "data": "Hello World!"
        "fieldType": 22,
        "fieldName": "Service Data",
        "data": {
          "uuid": 2577,
          "data": [ 72 ] }
     "rssi": -65


  1. Little Endian Byte order is reversed for Service Data fields.
  2. Length fields are omitted from the JSON object
  3. Num_Reports is omitted from the JSON, can be retrieved by packet.Reports.length

Known issues

  1. Multi-Report packets have not been tested, due to lack of encountering them. Please report if parsing doesn't work.